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Let’s make your event Fancy together!
Let’s make your event Fancy together!
Let’s make your event Fancy together!
Let’s make your event Fancy together!
Let’s make your event Fancy together!
Midea Hungary
Total views on hashtag videos:
123 million
Total views on influencer videos:
58 million
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To create a social holiday campaign that leaves everyone feeling the warmth
The event took place during the peak Christmas season, posing a significant challenge for capturing consumer attention in a highly competitive market.
The brand's official TikTok account, @mideahungary, was entirely new and started with zero followers for this campaign.
We engaged a total of 19 local influencers in Hungary who have a significant following and align with the brand's tone to spearhead and amplify this campaign.

We designed the Midea Sticker, a highly interactive and engaging element. The sticker initially represented a freezing cold weather, gradually melting away with the introduction of Midea's warm air, culminating in festive Christmas decorations. This creative concept seamlessly combined seasonal relevance, holiday spirit, and the brand's product attributes.

For the sticker's special effects music, we collaborated with the musician MUXO to create original music. Building upon Christmas songs as the base, we incorporated ice and snow sounds to immerse users in a journey from chilly cold to heartwarming celebration at a Christmas party.
  • This campaign successfully attracted nearly 1,000 followers to the brand's official TikTok account, @mideahungary, with the related brand TVC video receiving nearly 4,000 likes. This lays a strong foundation for future, more extensive campaigns by the brand.
  • The campaign achieved an 800% surge in brand-related discussion index in Hungary during the designated period, firmly establishing the brand as a trending topic in the region.
  • This campaign emerged as the most impactful and well-received social media marketing event carried out by Midea in the Hungarian market, showcasing its exceptional effectiveness.
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