Let’s make your event Fancy together!
Let’s make your event Fancy together!
Let’s make your event Fancy together!
Let’s make your event Fancy together!
Let’s make your event Fancy together!
creality goshen sharefest
Offline Event — Corporate Fans Sharefest
With thoughtful event planning strategy and professional service team, Fancy Media helped Creality resolve challenges step by step.
Creality is a pioneer in the 3D printing industry. This time, with the opportunity of meeting at the MRRF exhibition in Goshen, Indiana, USA, Creality aimed to hold its first offline fan meeting. However, Creality had never done offline event in US before and they were concerning about the outcome of the event. Despite the challenges of cultural differences and geographical differences, Creality hoped to make breakthroughs in offline event, strengthen communication with users, and expand a broader international stage.
As we know, venue is one of the core elements of a successful event. We assisted Creality with venue selection. The location of Creality's offline sharefest is located 5 minutes' drive from the MRRF exhibition, providing a convenient venue for the guests attending the event. Adhering to the goal of strengthening brand influence and promoting communication and interaction with users, we thoughtfully planned out the event rundown: the sharefest set up warm-up sessions, guest idea sharing, model display and competition sessions. The event also set up interactive lottery draws, souvenirs, and food and beverage sharing to better connect with guests and enhance cohesion.
  • Good venue set up: The venue for this event was well laid out and can accommodate the expected number of guests. All visual arrangements were smooth and well displayed.
  • Smooth rundown: The event expectations were met, and each part was done in good quality. The whole event rundown was smooth. The event ended on time at 7PM. Some guests continued passionate conversations and left at 8PM.
  • Passionate event atmosphere: 5 guest speakers with diverse backgrounds, including KOL, community influencers, media partner, experienced users and beginner users, participated in the idea sharing part. Our team members, together with Creality and the host helped better improve the atmosphere of the event, together with Creality and Fancy Media team members. The audience responded enthusiastically, and the atmosphere of the event was great.
  • Product display and model competition : The product display and model competition allowed the audience to learn about the product and left impressive memory. Guests received amazing gifts in lottery draws, and got souvenirs.
  • The interaction between the Creality team and the guests: the guests expressed their satisfaction of the event. Guests said the event was nicely planned and it was very meaningful to communicate with Creality team. At the same time, Creality team was highly satisfied with the outcome of the event and would like to set Sharefest as their long-term event for the brand.
  • Event Sanctification and Influence: We set up questionnaire part for the event and helped Creality gather critical feedback from guests. Over 90% of the guests said they were satisfied with the overall event. After the Goshen Sharefest, fans from more than 10 states of the US have requested Creality to hold sharefest in their states. Brand influence of Creality has greatly improved and the bound between Creality and users has become stronger and stronger. Fancy Media, as a long-term partner for creality, will continue the journey with Creality and have our next Sharefest event upcoming in Maryland, in October 2023. We look forward to sparking more offline events.
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